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141006 T-ara News : The Bad, The Good, and The Odd

Written By Unknown on Sunday, October 5, 2014 | 11:53 PM

It seems that no matter what happens, T-ara is unable to retain stable footing. The ground just keeps shifting from underneath them, in both positive and negative ways. Right now, their world is tilting in ways that are horrible, inspiring, and odd.

The misfortune that most recently besieged T-ara is the accusation that Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang-soo embezzled money from the company. Kim Kwang-soo is already a notorious figure in K-pop. He has famously (mis)managed idols such as Speed, Davichi, and F-ve Dolls, who rarely promote while T-ara is pimped out twenty-four/seven. He did himself no favors with the extraordinarily bad handling of T-ara’s original bullying scandal and the departure of Ahreum.

In late June, reports from the prosecutor’s office emerged. Those reports indicated that Kim Kwang-soo is suspected of stealing 4 billion won from Core Contents Media. And while the initial investigation was revealed almost three months ago, he’s still under investigation. This is the point where I have to ask: how the hell is Kim Kwang-soo still CEO? Does CCM not have a managing board that can fire him? Or did he simply finagle his way into a position that had no real way to remove him from power? Because thief or not, he sucks at his job, and that investigation would be a great way to get rid of him.

While that mess cannot be pleasant to put up with, T-ara does have a bright spot on their horizon. They recently signed a five billion won contract with Longzhen Cultural Development, a major Chinese entertainment company. While many K-pop groups, including T-ara, have achieved fame in countries outside Korea, those countries were Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines — for the most part, smaller countries whose entertainment scenes are not as large as Korea’s. Japan is much harder to crack, with success coming from either a) complete assimilation, or b) providing music that’s a bit outside the mainstream sound.

China, on the other hand, has remained unconquered by everybody. Only SM Entertainment can even claim to have made inroads, and those inroads are debatable. Thus, T-ara’s contract with Longzhen is nothing short of groundbreaking. Longzhen Cultural Development is one of the biggest entertainment companies in China, with artists such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, and A-mei under its belt. This won’t open doors for T-ara in China, it’ll knock whole walls down. After a second public contract signing and press conference on October 13, T-ara will be pursuing opportunities is Chinese TV, shooting Chinese commercials, and possibly holding Chinese concerts. This is a stroke of luck and genius for T-ara, as unlike Korea and Japan, they never made much of a splash there pre-2012 Bullying Scandal and are free of the baggage there that has made their careers unpleasant for the last two years. However, there is something odd about the contract: it wasn’t signed between Longzhen Culteral Development and Core Contents Media. Instead, Longzhen’s new business partner is MBK Entertainment.

On October 1, it was announced that Core Contents Media would be legally renamed to MBK Entertainment. All the employees and idols are to be carried over to MBK, with little change in practice. The sudden change might seem a bit odd, but considering that “Core Contents Media” doesn’t exactly inspire warm, fuzzy feelings in people, it’s not exactly shocking. With T-ara’s great leap forward, it’s possible that the higher-ups at Core Contents Media thought a new name might help their fresh start along in the eyes of the press. However, that fresh start is in the eyes of the media only: changing the name has no effect on legal investigations. So if Kim Kwang-soo thought this might aid in that pesky embezzlement charge, he’s wrong. Still, there’s nothing wrong with gaining a new name for a new market.

T-ara is perpetually in the headlines, whether from promotions or news or more scandals, and this is likely a factor in their failure to reclaim their earlier status. Right now, though, it looks like life is bringing up roses for them, and I wish them the best in their new ventures.

140925 T-ara sing trot, make funny facial expressions, do sexy dances, and more on “Weekly Idol”

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | 8:16 PM

T-ara made their appearance on the September 24 installment of MBC Everyone“s “Weekly Idol” and had a fun time, providing lots of fun and laughs for viewing fans.

During one corner, the girls had to engage in competition for the coveted prize of Hanwoo beef! The first round was to discover the Queen of Trot, and the girls engaged with diligence and fervor. However, in the end, Hyomin won, earning herself some delicious beef.

The other members said, “She ate kalbi this morning, too…” After a taste of the hanwoo, Hyomin said, “It”s really delicious. From now on, I will continue working hard, so I can eat all the meat.”

The girls also competed to see who did the best “stupid” facial expression and did sexy dances. You can check out the full cut above!

140924 T-ara”s Jiyeon likes to co-host with a cute male MC for “The Show”

T-ara”s Jiyeon is hosting the 4th season of SBS MTV”s “The Show: All About K-POP” or simply “The Show” alongside Girl”s Day Hyeri.

During the press conference of “The Show” on September 23, Jiyeon expressed her thoughts about MCing and said, “I”m thankful to continue hosting season 4 following season 3 and I”ll work harder for kpop fans.”

She also stated that Hyeri, who wasn”t able to attend the event because of conflicting schedule, has sent message of support. Regarding the male MC who hasn”t yet revealed, Jiyeon confesses, “I hope for someone who goes along with me and Hyeri. Someone who has a cute style.”

Meanwhile, “The Show 4″ airs on October 28 at 8PM KST. Who will be the male MC indeed? Any guess?

140919 T-ara’s Eunjung and Qri to Discuss Men and Dating on “Witch Hunt”

Written By Unknown on Friday, September 19, 2014 | 11:51 PM

T-ara members Eunjung and Qri will be appearing as guests on JTBC‘s 19+ talk show “Witch Hunt.”

During the recent filming, the two idols surprised everyone with their honesty and confidence as they opened up about dating, relationships, and men.

After encouraging a viewer to ignore the thoughts of others and love his unconventionally handsome boyfriend, Eunjung suddenly turned to the camera, and said, “Please ask me out a lot,” revealing her interest in dating.

Qri made the MCs cheer by revealing, “Actually, I turned 29 this year. I can discuss 19+ topics with ease, and I am also confident in 29+ discussions.” MC Shin Dong Yup replied, “If we receive stories from viewers that are unsuitable for broadcast, we will contact you.”

This episode of “Witch Hunt” airs on September 19 at 11 p.m.

140918 T-ara To Hold A 'Sugar Free' Promotional Fan Signing Session On September 20

T-ara will hold a fan signing session this month.
T-ara is going to hold a fan signing session in Seoul this month.
T-ara are back with a new club single titled, “Sugar Free.” Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon are wrapping up the first week of promotions on various music performance shows and the single has been gaining popularity among fans and on YouTube, the group has had well over one million views..
The members will hold a fan signing session in Seoul on September 20th. The event will take place at the IFC Mall”s North Atrium in Yeouido, Seoul at 7:00 PM KST.
Core Contents Media stated, “As much as it will be a time for all 6 members to be together with their fans after doing solo activities, it will be a meaningful meeting.”

140911 T-ara discuss Soyeon”s boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk, ideal types, and more

Written By Unknown on Friday, September 12, 2014 | 4:04 AM

During a recent interview session with Ilgan Sports, T-ara”s Soyeon, Eunjung, and Jiyeon addressed the topic of dating and ideal types.

The interviewer asked, “Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk are an official couple. Is Oh Jong Hyuk close to the members, as well?”

Soyeon said, “We don”t even have time to meet each other,” and laughed. She continued, “The both of us are so busy with work and we respect each other”s work because we can”t cause a disturbance. We try to split our time as best as possible to see each other sensibly. There are even cases where we see each other for just ten minutes.”

The interview addressed the other two: “I feel like you two would also want to date when you see Soyeon dating. What kind of man would you like to meet?”

Eunjung stated, “I don”t have anything specific in mind. I”m okay with people in the business, but I also think I”d be able to date an ordinary person if we were to have a connection. I don”t really have a criteria for a type of person I dislike.”

Jiyeon replied, “To tell the truth, for a long time, I wanted to date, but these days, I don”t. [That feeling] disappeared as we started working on the album.”

Soyeon put in, “Jiyeon has an ideal type that is not idol-like, so I think it”s harder for her to meet a man. To tell the truth, the idols eye one another, so there are many cases in which they connect through dating. There are many male idols around Jiyeon, but she does not really like pretty boys or delicate men, so they don”t connect. She likes the warm type like Yang Dong Geun, but there aren”t many idols like that around us.”

Eunjung added, “But that doesn”t mean Jiyeon likes the manly man style with big muscles. What we mean is she likes the warm and kind type.”

140907 T-Ara Is Back with a Sweet Teaser for “Sugar Free”

On September 7, girl group T-ARA released a teaser video for their new track ahead of their upcoming comeback on September 11.

In the teaser video (released in two versions of 15 and 50 seconds), the members of T-ARA can be seen on stage wearing snapbacks and trendy outfits. Through the portion of the new track revealed, it is clear that the song has been heavily influenced by electronic dance music (EDM). There are no clues as to whether“Sugar Free” represents something from the lyrics or is the title of the track.

According to a representative from T-ARA’s label Core Contents Media, this will be the group’s first foray into “big room” music (a sub-genre of house music).

Meanwhile, T-ARA has also been receiving a lot of love for their various dances, such as the cat dance, shuffle dance, and robot dance.

Check out the teaser video and a “making of” sketch below.

140912 T-Ara’s Latest Single “Sugar Free” Accused of Plagiarism

Girl group T-Ara‘s latest single “Sugar Free” has been accused of plagiarism.

“Sugar Free” is an electronic dance music (EDM) house track. Some house music fans, however, has found similarities between “Sugar Free” and Dvbbs‘ “Tsunami“, and also with the intro to DJ Felix da Housecat‘s track “Give Me Body.” One house fan pointed out that “House music does sound similar in multiple instances, but ‘Sugar Free’ has too many similarities.”

Some are also accusing the album art for “Sugar Free” to be plagiarizing the album artwork of Justice, a famous electronic music duo.

On these issues, T-Ara’s agency Core Contents Media commented that they have “not heard of these issues.”

“Sugar Free” is composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Bumee & Nangee.

140824 T-Ara”s Eunjung showcases her flexibility in new pictorial for “international bnt”

Written By Unknown on Monday, August 25, 2014 | 11:11 PM

Eunjung surprises everyone with her flexibility and nice body in new pictorial for international bnt” magazine.

She revealed that she successfully lost 10kg after going through a 6 months diet along with exercising, showing her strong determination. No wonder she can obtain such a perfect figure.

140819 T-ara teases with another photo for their September comeback

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 3:04 AM

On August 18th, T-ara uploaded an image of members Hyomin, Eunjung, and Soyeon hard at work in the recording studio, with the caption

Hyomin, Eunjung, and Soyeon are recording for the new song~~ Show your support and excitement for the next album!!

Earlier this month, T-ara had announced plans for a September comeback, along with a mysterious photo of two of their members making progress on the new album. Now they have shared a clear picture of Hyomin, Eunjung, and Soyeon posing for the camera in the midst of a recording session.

T-ara is returning as a group after a busy year of Japanese promotions, dramas, and solo activities, most notably the solo debuts of Jiyeon with “1 Minute 1 Second” and Hyomin with “Nice Body”.

Make sure to watch out for the release of their album in September!

Source: T-ara Facebook Page

140820 T-ara to Make a Comeback on September 11 with a New Image

The group’s agency, Core Contents Media, revealed a new photo of T-ara that showed an innocent atmosphere through the use of black and white tone. Before, the girls had a sexy or a youthful image and since this is a totally different image, it’s safe to assume that the girls will be making a comeback with a different atmosphere.

For this comeback, they reported that they would be excluding the sexy concept. Before this, members Jiyeon and Hyomin performed as solo artists and grabbed much attention through their intense, sexy concept. However, they informed that they would be showing a totally different side of themselves for this comeback.

The girls will also be doing a genre they’ve never done before. T-ara will be doing an EDM genre called Big Room and will be doing club music.

T-ara is known for becoming a hot issue through their dances, like the Roly-Poly dance, Shuffle dance, and the Robot dance. Through this title track, they are planning on showing a new dance.

140814 T-ara’s Eunjung to Join Cast of SBS Drama “Endless Love,” Possible Love Triangle in the Works?

Written By Unknown on Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 10:54 PM

T-ara member Eunjung is set to make her return to the small screen once again!

According to a broadcast official on August 14, Eunjung will be joining the cast ofSBS’ weekend drama “Endless Love.”

The T-ara member is taking on the role of Tae Cho Ae, the daughter of a chaebol. Her character will be raising tension in the drama’s storyline, as she will have ties with singer/actor Kim Jun’s character, Tae Kyung.

Story TV revealed to OSEN through a phone conversation that she stepped onto the filming set today, and will be making her appearance on episode 20, which is scheduled to air on August 24.

“Endless Love” is a drama set in the 1980s that tells the story of the characters’ work, love, and dreams in the midst of the nation’s economic situation during that time period.

Are you excited to see Eunjung act alongside Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jun, and more (with the possibility of a love triangle)?

140810 T-Ara’s Hyomin Is Effortlessly Hot In Recent Photo

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 2:06 AM

Sexiness comes naturally to some people and T-Ara’s Hyomin is an example of those who are gifted with such appeal as seen in her recently uploaded photo on Instagram.

Hyomin, who was on her way to her fourth fan signing session, uploaded on her personal Instagram on August 9 a photo of her lounging inside her van with her two legs up on the seat as she looks straight to the camera. In the photo, the “Nice Body” singer is dressed in a simple white shirt and denim shorts and looks very casual and yet giving off an air of sexy charisma with her slightly ruffled hair and rosy red lips.

140812 T-ara to complete solo activities and prepare group comeback in September

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 | 9:13 PM

After busily following solo schedules the past year, T-ara will finally be returning as a group with a new album in September!

On August 11, T-ara shared a not-so-mysterious image that read, “? T-ara Comeback. This September new album release,” via their official Facebook page account. Further more, the statement read:

Hello~! We’d like to update you with T-ARA’s recent activities! T-ARA members will finish their solo activities and come back to you as a whole in September.
Please support T-ARA with sweet comments, while they’re working hard to prepare for the new album^^!!

It has been 9 months since T-ara’s last album, releasing “Again 1977” in December. Since then, the members have been busy with Japanese promotions, dramas, and solo debuts, most notably Jiyeon and Hyomin. With that said, Hyomin will begin wrapping up her promotions of “Nice Body,” and begin recording for T-ara’s upcoming album.

Source: T-ara Facebook Page, Segye Ilbo

140807 Ji Yeon (T-ara) Mini Album – Never Ever

Written By Unknown on Saturday, August 9, 2014 | 2:57 AM

Jiyeon made a successful solo debut with title track Never Ever.

She garnered much attention with the teaser images and impressed with her live performance, the album came along with some good quality photocards, as a T-ara fan this is no doubt a great addition to your collection.

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